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Note about dates

    You can add an event taking place over a period, with a start date and an end date, and/or single dates:

    Single Dates
    ► Event with a single date, and a start time
    eg a concert that starts at 20:00 and takes place only the selected day.

    ► Event with several dates, consecutive or otherwise, with a start time, which may be different for each date.
    eg a concert that would take place a week on Friday and Saturday, and the following week on Friday. This concert can started at different times, and you can add new dates at any time.

    Event over a Period
    ► Event over a period (from ... to ...).
    eg a music festival which starts on Thursday at 14:00 and ends on Sunday at 23:00. In this case, you enter the start date and end date.

    Event over a Period & Single Dates
    ► The event takes place over a period and you want to add specific hours.
    eg A band participates in a music festival from Thursday 14:00 to Sunday 23:00. On Thursday, the band plays at 16:30, Saturday at 18:00 and Sunday at 13:15. You can then enter the period of the event (from Thursday 14:00 to Sunday 23:00) and add the single dates with time, when the band is on stage.

    ► The event takes place over a period, and other dates that are not in this period.
    eg an event which takes place from Monday to Sunday (dates over a period) and another week on Tuesday and Friday (single dates).

Google Maps

Address picker, with instant display selection on map.

The map displays selected address, even while you navigate in autocomplete suggestions.
You can even adjust marker position on the map.


You can drag and drop the marker to the correct location
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