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The Dorrigo support centre provides a broad range of both individual and group social support activites including but not limited to;

Social Support Individual

- providing access to social activities and events within the community through individual transport.

- companionship.

- nurturing relationships with individuals and other community access centres, services and supports.



Social Support Group.

- group activities within the centre including; Bingo, Scrabble, group lunches, craft mornings.

- group outings (in BSC transport vehicle and Bus) to local social activities, events and recreational sites within the region. (eg; fishing trips, shopping outings, recreation and sightseeing areas, picnics, clubs etc).

-  Group Supported short stays to places of interest -1-3 nights inclusive of activities, sightseeing, meals and accomodation package (3-4 times per year)

- Group Supported longer stays (once a year) to furhter destinations for approx 1 week in duration.